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This series explores the value of the emotive self. After all, what's the point of having an emotive self? What's its benefit? What's it's value? How are the emotive self, the emotional self, and the mind connected? You will be shown parts unknown within yourselves to explore, so as to let them become known. Now, exploring the unknown doesn't mean that you are going to sit there, crying like babies, for that would be nothing more than a mind game, and a great mental exercise. And it's not that you're going to be sitting there laughing until you're sidesplitting because that would be nothing more than a mind game. This series will, however, present concepts that you will, by the nature of your minds, struggle with. But you will, eventually, as you progress through this series, gain clarity that you don't yet have.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Defining Emotions

2. Isn't That A Feeling?

3. I Felt That Feeling

4. Get Out Of The Mind

5. Defining The Minds Judgments Of Feelings

6. Choosing The Joy Of Emotions

7. Expanding The Feeling Self

8. Expanding The Emotive Self

9. Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Emotion

10. Playing With Yourself. Is It Fun?

11. So Far It's A Mind Gamer

12. Now You Really Have To Feel It

13. What Are You Waiting For?

14 It's About Timer

15. Choose, Choose, Choose, Now You Have To Choose

16. Playing The Final Mind Card

17. Welcome To The Emotive Self

18. Exploring The Probabilities And Possibilities Of The Totality Of The Self


Total listening time: 8:43:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

An Exploration Of The Emotive Self - Series 710

SKU: 710-c-10
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