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This series explores the physical body and the consciousness that is within it and how, through interaction with the mind - all parts of the mind, specifically the unconscious portion of the mind - the body can be interfered with or enhanced. Even though there exists a perception that the mind controls the body, the body insists on doing things its own way. After all, how else do you get sick even though you dont want to?

Includes the following recordings:


1. A Discussion Of Innate Consciousness
An exploration of the concept that every construct, idea, extension of energy in the universe has an innate consciousness, and you are part of this consciousness.

2. The Unconscious Mind - Is It The Key?
The mind constantly interferes with the innate consciousness, but it can also become the tool that helps it. Understanding the role the mind plays in body consciousness will lead you to realize the basis of your choices.

3. The Conflict Between The Mind And The Body
Even though the perception exists that the mind controls the body, the body insists on doing things its own way. After all how else do you get sick? This session explores these conflicts.

4. How Can The Mind Help The Body?
Because the mind and the body have developed a symbiotic relationship, the body needs the minds judgements to help itself, while the body gives the mind an awareness of sufficiency.

5. Giving It All Up
Letting go of the desire to define the self through the mind is necessary in order to fully explore body consciousness.

6. The Body Knows Best
An exploration of how much the body is aware without the benefit of the mind.


Total listening time: 5:58:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

An Exploration Of The Body Consciousness - Series 404

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