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In this series, you will be led through an exploration of greed, not from the perspective of the negative, but rather from the perspective of reinforcement to your journey of growth.

Includes the following recordings: 


1. Give Me All You've Got
Here, we look at our perceptions of need and greed.

2. I Don't Have Enough
In this session, we look at changing our concept of I never have enough to I never have enough greed. 

3. I'm Not That Good
The Wonders compare us to bees - taking a little bit here and there. Here, we explore how we can take everything we can from the moment.

4. You're Bigger Than Me
In this session, we look at our belief that greed is something that is out there, bigger than us. 

5. If You Give It To Me Ill Reward You
Here, we explore the reward of investing ourselves in each moment. 

6. Eliminating The Confusion
The Wonders review what we have learned and help eliminate the confusion of how greed and being in the moment interrelate. 


Total listening time: 4:48:00


Please note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

An Exploration Of Greed - Series 318

SKU: 318-c-02
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