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Your mind has been created and taught that were it not for the life force within it, it will end. But once your mind starts to acknowledge that the relationship it has to endings and beginnings may not be the totality of existence, you can begin to reframe your relationship to those concepts.
In this series, The Wonders guide you to explore and uncover your concepts of continuity, beginnings, and endings and see the realness of reality so that you can reframe how you think and feel about whether death and endings exist.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Is An Ending Absolute?
2. Can There Be Continuity?
3. Given A Physical Transformation, What's Next?
4. Do All Things End For New Beginnings?
5. Are Beginnings A Result Of An Ending?
6. Going Past An Illusion Of The Mind
7. Is An Illusion Of The Mind An Ending Or A Beginning?
8. Creating A Movement For Growth
9. Expanding On Concepts Previously Given
10. Leading To Other Questions
11. Finding The Pathway Through The Maze
12. What Are Past Lives In Relation To Death?
13. That Which Is So Simple Seems So Complicated
14. One Choice, Another Choice, And Yet, Another Choice
15. Guiding The Self To The Unknown
16. Realizing The Totality Of Choice
17. If One Choice Leads To Another Choice, Is That A Death?
18. Exploring The Unwillingness To Change
19. Expanding On The Benefit Of Resistance
20. Final Statement On The Illusion Of Death

Total listening time: 7:22:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

An Exploration Of Death And Beyond - Series 1246

SKU: 1246-c-20
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