In this series, you will gain a greater understanding of the choices you made surrounding astrology, and how you can reclaim your power from it.

Includes the following recordings:


1. When Was Astrology Created? An Exploration
The Wonders lead us on an exploration of when and why astrology was created. 

2. Just What Is Astrology Anyway? 
We look at astrology as a tool for movement and examine if we have been using it to our benefit. 

3. What's Your Sign Big Boy? 
Though this is a common pick-up line, what are we actually trying to find out by asking it? 

4. Greater Than, Lesser Than Perspectives Within Astrology 
We look at the four aspects of astrology: earth, air, fire, and water. Every sign has negative and positive aspects to it. 

5. The Dynamic Of Movement Within The Planets 
Each planet is interrelated to every other planet; as one move, so do the others. We look at the influence this has on us.

6. The Basis Of Choice Based On Astrology 
We look at the influences astrology has on our choices.


Total listening time: 04:47:00


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An Astrological Perspective Of Existence - Series 301

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