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This series explores the core of your relationship with fear. You will unearth the psychologies even the most deeply rooted fears you have and dive into them. The Wonders guide you through taking the necessary steps to observe and understand your fears and, if you choose, move beyond them once and for all.

Includes the following recordings:


1. The Waters Deep - Is It Real? 
This is an exploration of psychologies and belief structures surrounding fear in our existence. We begin by experiencing moving through the understanding of ourselves to realize our deep-rooted fears. 

2. Green And Brown - Rough And Smooth 
This session is an exploration of understanding what it means to fear our fears. rn

3. My, What Big Teeth You Have 
The more fear is ignored or denied, the bigger it gets, which results in paralyzing you. An exploration of this concept.

4. Snap Goes The Fear 
Further exploration of the concept of primal root fear and the extent to which we resist going into it. 

5. You Make A Nice Purse 
Fear exists in every part of your existence, and no amount of denial can replace fear. Denial leads to being afraid of fear. 

6. Oh No! More Alligators 
You chose to incarnate in this existence to explore all aspects of choice regardless of fear, yet fear is what controls your existence. Changing this methodology of exploration is discussed in this tape


Total listening time: 06:18:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Alligator, Alligator, Are You Still There? - Series 395

SKU: 395-c-03
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