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All That I Am Is Love, All That You Are Is Love - Series 260

Soundbite taken from Session #260-1-01: Why Do I Harm Myself?

In this exploration of the sixth and final Defining Statement, you will gain an understanding of the extent of yourself as love energy, how there is no separation of this love energy in the universe, and how each of the previous defining statements is all encompassed in this one statement. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. Why Do I Harm Myself? 
Here we examine what is harmful to us. 

2. Stroking!! Sizzle And Hot. 
When you observe the self as the love you begin to choose differently. Love energy is playful - it is about having fun. 

3. Moving To The Beat 
Love energy is most noticeable when we are least distracted. Distraction moves you away from love to justification and judgment. 

4. Oh, I Can't Stand It Anymore 
We feel frustrated. Why? Here we explore sharing. 

5. Feel My Heart 
Here the group looks at the power of the heart. Heart energy is an energy of direction and knowing. The heart sets the direction but the mind has to choose it. rn

6. All For One And One For All 
The group explores oneness, sharing, and how the mind and heart must work together. 

Total listening time: 4:50:00

All That I Am Is Love, All That You Are Is Love - Series 260

SKU: 260-c-01
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