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This series expands on the original series of Control vs Command (Series 152) by helping you gain a greater understanding of yourself in relation to the universe, and how you command the universe. You'll look at why you choose limitations as a methodology of contraction and how your need to control your existence is simply a reflection of your creative abilities. In your brilliance, you'll come to realize that even when you're in a state of control, you're actually also in a state of command. Finally, you'll explore further the benefits of command even when faced with the illusion of control.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Redefining Command
Here, The Wonders lay the foundation for the workshop.


2. Why Do I Choose Limits?
A look at why and how we choose our limits in order to contract our existence reinforces our perspective of being less-than. 


3. Energy Applied To Limits
A further expansion of the exploration began in the previous session. Here, we learn about our need to control our existence as a reflection of our creation.


4. This Is A Command Performance
A look at ourselves as creators/manifestors and how our brilliance led us to this state.


5. Is That All There Is?
In our lives, we look to complicate our state to justify our need for control. Here, we learn that we are always in a state of command, even when we use control as a methodology of existence.


6. I'm In Control - You Command
An exploration of command and its benefits, even when faced with control.


7. Why The Repetition?
Here, we review that the need for repetition comes from the command perspective.


Total listening time: 06:41:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

All That I Am, I Command - Series 242

SKU: 242-c-01
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