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A final exploration of the concept of vulnerability. This series culminates a three-year exploration of vulnerability and choosing to be it.

Includes the following recordings


1. Time's Up
All that's left to accomplish is to choose vulnerability, and this series explores this concept. This is the first part of choosing.

2. Oh Dear What Am I Going To Do Now?
Participants are still uncertain of their choices around vulnerability. They explore these doubts.

3. Please Just A Little Longer
An exploration of the extent to which participants are trying to delay the inevitable movement toward vulnerability.

4. Can't Judge It - Can't Define It. What's Left?
Though you would still try to use the mind to judge vulnerability, you cant succeed. The only choice left is to choose it.

5. Practice The Definitions
The Wonders help us see what we have discovered about vulnerability and ourselves.

6. Yippee We Graduated
The Wonders look at the achievements of the individuals, the limits each has imposed upon themselves, their wants, desires, and choices.


Total listening time: 5:43:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Advanced Exploration Of Vulnerability: Level 2 - Series 494

SKU: 494-c-05
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