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Complete collection of the 2015 Wednesday study group, "A Symphony Of Farts."


This will be an exploration of inclusivity, with humor, with a little bit of bathroom humor involved, but mostly to gain an understanding and a broadening and a deepening of what it is to become one as a group consciousness. So this will be, in fact, an opportunity for all of you to move together as one group, one consciousness.

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Moving To That Which Is Inclusive

February - 2. Gaining The Tools Necessary To Create

March - 3. Being One With Each Other

April - 4. The Difficulties You've Encountered In The Last Month

May - 5. Toot, Toot,  Toot, Toot, Let's All Toot Together

June - 6. You Play The Flutes, We'll Play The Horns, And Don't Forget The String Instruments

July - 7. So Overwhelming That Everything Dropped

August - 8. Given Perplexity, Where Does Simplicity Fit?

September - 9. Simply Ingenious, That's What Inclusivity Is

October - 10. All For One, No More

November - 11. Gaining Respect Of The Self And Each Other

December - 12. This Is A Semblance Of All That Is

Total listening time: 5:52:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

A Symphony Of Farts - Study Group 1014

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