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Complete collection of the 2018 Wednesday study group.

The 2018 Wednesday study group explores using passion, control, definition, judgment, love, joy, happiness, all the fabric of what makes existence really truly special.

Includes the following recordings:


1. What Really Is Passion? (January)
2. Uncovering The Truth Behind Yourselves (February)
3. Figuring Out The Relationship Between Reality And Illusion (March)
4. Giving Your Mind Direction To Let Go (April)
5. Using Humor To Fuel Your Passion (May)
6. And You Thought This Was Going To Be Easy (June)
7. Reframing Your Life To Realize Your Journey (July)
8. Applying The Knowledge You Have Gained So Far (August)
9. Making A Choice To Love And Experiencing It (September)
10. Let The Good Times Roll (October)
11. Reawakening To The Brilliance And Joy Within The Selves (November)
12. Setting You On A Journey Of Love, Passion, Excitement And Enlightenment (December)

Total listening time: 7:27:00

    A Passionate Exploration Of Expansion - Study Group 1164

    SKU: 1164-c-18
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