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A New Workshop To Receive - Series 1393

Excerpt from Session #1393-01-23: Prepare Yourselves To Receive

This is an exploration of your willingness to receive, your objection to accepting and the resultants of your journey through struggle and strife.

This series explores topics beyond the concept of receiving. Réné and The Wonders open up every session to topics of each participant's choosing. These include: The Wonders’ comment on the future of their interactions with humanity; the language of the universe; descriptions of some of Réné's experiences while channeling and meditating; what would happen in the universe if humanity realized oneness; why healings occur; what a true state of health is based on; the truth behind random chaos theory; how God/Goddess/The All That Is challenges itself; moving beyond the paralysis of fear; and much more.

Includes the following recordings:

  1. Prepare Yourselves To Receive
  2. Are You Really That Open?

  3. Look At That Which Is Closed Off
  4. Do Not Justify Yourself
  5. Spend The Time To Find The Key
  6. The Goodness That All Of You Have
  7. Give Up – There’s Nothing For You To Do
  8. You Have Yet To Completely Integrate What We’re Offering You

Total listening time: 03:02:00

A New Workshop To Receive - Series 1393

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