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A New Way To Parent - Series 1308

Excerpt from Session #1308-05-21: Am I A Child Or A Parent?
This session is about falling into victimhood. It is an exploration of victimhood, why society is moving more and more in this direction and how seeing yourself as a victim stops you from choosing.

Réné leads this workshop and presents perspectives and insights designed to help listeners move beyond the parent to child paradigm that exists in individuals and that is extended into society as a whole. A new paradigm of choosing consciously is presented.

This is a workshop exploring what it means to be a parent, the roles involved, the illusions around it, the psychologies instilled in it, and practical, pragmatic encouragement - if you want to call it that - to help people become the parents they want to be.


Includes the following recordings:

  1. What Is Parenting?
  2. Why Is The Present Way Not Working?
  3. Can It Be Changed?
  4. Why Is This So Difficult?
  5. Am I A Child Or A Parent?
  6. What About The Previous Workshop On Parenting?
  7. How Come I Can't Just Do It?
  8. Psychologies Stopping Me
  9. You Can If You Want
  10. Practical, Pragmatic Advice On Parenting
  11. Let's Explore
  12. If Parenting Is So Easy
  13. The Illusion Of Difficulty
  14. That, Too, You Must Choose
  15. Think Of The Fourth Defining Statement
  16. What Is The Major Role Of The Parent?
  17. Living And Teaching
  18. The Master Is The Student, The Student Is Usually The Master
  19. What Does That Really Mean?
  20. Reviewing What Has Been Learned

Total listening time: 07:23:00

A New Way To Parent - Series 1308

SKU: 1308-c-21
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