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Complete collection of the 2020 Tuesday study group.

The 2020 Tuesday study group is a journey of exploring your own compassion for yourselves, for others, for humanity. And you will have many opportunities to do so, all of which revolve around judgment and fear, and love.

So, therefore, this particular session and this particular series on cause and effect (The Movement Of Cause And Effect On Choice) builds to the next one of compassion. Use it. Re-listen to this series. And observe for yourselves that which you've forgotten and are not applying.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Review Where You Are Presently

2. Let's Discuss Compassion

3. Understanding Another

4. Realizing The Connection Between One To Another

5. Expanding The Application Of Compassion In Your Life

6. Set Out In A Different Direction

7. This Is A Journey That Is Difficult But Interesting

8. Giving Yourselves The Permission To Express Freely

9. Exercises To Open Your Heart Chakra

10. Open Yourself To Self-Love

11. You Will Not Achieve It, But You Can Express It

12. Would You Like To Express Yourselves Now?

Total listening time: 6:48:00

    A Journey Towards A More Compassionate Existence - Study Group 1263

    SKU: 1263-c-20
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