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A pivotal series that explores who The Wonders are.


Includes the following recordings:

1. What Do You Think We Are?
2. Let's Review This Definition
3. We Gave You This 20 Years Ago
4. Now It's Time To Expand
5. Seamlessness And Who We Are
6. We Are Not Creating That Which You Seek
7. Good For You -Not Yet
8. A Little Rumba, A Little Samba -That's Us
9. Playful, Arent We?
10. No, We're Really Serious
11. We're Big And Huge And Humongous
12. We're Small And Barely Noticeable
13. We Are Nothing
14. We Are Everything
15. Take Your Pick
16. Don't Make A Mistake
17. You Must Be Perfect
18. There's No Such Thing As Perfection
19. Where's The Judgment?
20. Now That You Have All Of This, Let's Redefine It Properly

Total listening time: 6:09:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

A Deeper Exploration Of Who We Are - Series 1061

SKU: 1061-c-16
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