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Complete collection of the 2020 Wednesday study group.

The 2020 Wednesday study group is an exploration of your self, your soul essence perspective, but most of all it'll be up to you to choose as you question, as you explore to choose to realize the limitations and the boundaries that you established for yourself and hold on to so deeply. With our encouragement as the year progresses for you to move past the concepts and constructs, you have around physicality, to know yourselves to be more. It is your choice. It is your movement. All we can do is be the voice of love.

Includes the following recordings:


1. A Reframing Of Your Present Psychologies And Belief Structures

2. To Truly Move, You Must Make A Choice

3. Expanding The Awareness Of Your Heart Chakra

4. Let's Explore Your Physical Definitions

5. Using Realization As A Technique For Change

6. These First Five Sessions Are About The Physical - A Review

7. Open Your Minds To Nothingness

8. Share Your Dreams

9. Observe The Realizations And Their Limits

10. Gaining A Depth Of Understanding

11. Letting Your Mind And Your Ego Grow

12. Opening To A New Expansive Movement Going Forward

Total listening time: 7:04:00

    A Deeper Exploration Of The Spiritual Beingness Of Yourselves - Study Group 1264

    SKU: 1264-c-20
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