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In this beginning series on vulnerability, The Wonders provide you with the opportunity to explore your own vulnerability.

You maintain certain parts of yourself from others. You stop yourself from sharing, freely and easily, your thoughts, your fears, your desires, your choices, your sorrows, and your pains, your joys and your pleasures. You stop yourself out of judgment and out of fear of judgment. The net result is you take a vulnerable individual and layer him or her so full of judgments and fears that there is no resemblance to the originality left. Do you allow the completeness of yourself to manifest itself freely? Or are you judging it, fearing it, layering it in such a way that in these circumstances, this part of you shows up, in that circumstance, this other part of you shows up? Then you are protected, then you are in control, then no one can harm you.

Presently, individuals that perceive themselves as vulnerable perceive themselves as capable of being harmed. However, in order to explore vulnerability to any degree, you must be willing to set aside the concepts you have around harm.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Defining Vulnerability - Without Definition

2. Choice And Its Reference To Vulnerability

3. The Keys That Open The Self

4. Let's Expose The Backside

5. Uncovering The Fears That Limit

6. Finger On The String - Let's Tie A Neat Bow

Total listening time: 5:53:00

    Please Note: No refunds are provided once the series is purchased.

    A Beginning Exploration Of The Concept Of Vulnerability - Series 372

    SKU: 372-c-03
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